(1997, UK/IRELAND/SWEDEN, 103min, 35mm)

A European road-movie filmed in Ireland, Lapland, and Sweden. Starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers (VELVET GOLDMINE, GORMENGHAST, BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM) and Fanny Risberg (ELINOR'S WEDDING). Main investors Channel 4 and Pandora (France).A European co-production filmed in Ireland, Lapland, and Sweden, produced by Channel Four (UK) and Pandora (France).THE DISAPPEARANCE OF FINBAR was invited to 30 Festivals worldwide and won winner of Best Film at Madrid (1997), audience prize Midnight Sun Festival (1998), and in the USA, Best Irish Film (AFI Awards), before going onto worldwide distribution.

Finbar Flynn is meant to be the hero of his poor Irish housing-estate. but when he flunks a football trial and feels rejected, he climbs onto the flyover that overshadows their homes and jumps.. it is up to his best friend Danny to trek across Europe to bring him back, and in the process discover the meaning of home; what draws people together, and what tears them apart.

"Full of intriguing ideas and incidental charms." 

"Sue Clayton's eclectic and unpredictable, and ultimately captivating film THE DISAPPEARANCE OF FINBAR is a meditation on the meaning of home and the power of wanderlust. The film contains some priceless moments, not least the theme song which has the making of a cult hit single" 

"An original and engrossing movie about love, friendship, betrayal and self-discovery." 
The Daily Express

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