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Eastwest Pictures (UK) Ltd produces work by director Sue Clayton and makes drama and documentary

films for broadcast, theatrical and online release. For more info contact

Sue Clayton’s new book on the refugee volunteer movement 



is now out!  See review here


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In The New Internationalists Sue Clayton tells how, during the ‘refugee crisis’ of 2015–2020, almost 2 million people reached Europe by deadly sea-crossings; it was volunteers—many young and untrained—who took on unimaginable responsibilities and saved thousands of lives. In the biggest civic mobilisation since the Second World War, they witnessed first-hand the failures of established NGOs, and the indifference—and hostility—of many European governments. These extraordinary and moving accounts—from Greece, the Balkans, Italy, Northern Europe and the UK—show how the “activist volunteers” have re-written the humanitarian agenda, and provide a powerful critique of current policy. Clayton further situates this unique account within current debates in contemporary social and solidarity movements.


Featuring 20 journalistic analyses of “Flashpoints” and 120 testimonies from front-line volunteers who uniquely witnessed events first hand, this book is perfectly placed for review, excerpt and author interview. The subject is particularly important in today’s climate due to the current ongoing discussions in Parliament.


Watch the live launch event with Sue Clayton , Lord Dubs and other speakers on YouTube or Facebook and see the trailer below.

Recent films from Eastwest Pictures:

The Stansted 15 On Trial. 

In 2017, 15 peaceful protesters put up a banner airport-side to contest a deportation flight, on which they knew were people who faced extreme danger on return. 

What happened over the following two years is truly shocking: their trial and conviction on a terrorist charge.  Sue’s film was widely screened, and extracts shown on Channel 4 News, in the campaign to challenge the use of such a charge.  in January 2021 the High Court ruled that it should never have been used against them. We won. 

For more about The Stansted Fifteen film CLICK HERE

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