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Eastwest Pictures (UK) Ltd is a company run by director Sue Clayton which makes drama and documentary films for broadcast, theatrical and online release.


The company both produces independently, and works in collaboration with larger companies and broadcasters. The company has two feature films in development: Jack (working title) and The Situationists.


In Jan 2019 Eastwest released The Stansted Fifteen on Trial.

Sue Clayton is a feature and documentary film director and producer. She has made films for over 30 years, including experimental independent cinema (The Song of the Shirt), broadcast documentaries (including Turning Japanese and the Commodities series) feature drama (Heart Songs, The Last Crop and The Disappearance of Finbar) and campaign films (Hamedullah: The Road Home, Calais Children: A Case to Answer). Sue is also a consultant producer for ITV News and Channel 4 News. She has also recorded with bands and musicians in studios across Europe. She is now working on a feature film Jack which has a refugee theme; and writing another, The Situationists, set in the 1970s.

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