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A funky and funny adaptation of an Australian short story about a house cleaner who lets her neighbours into the apartment of rich people who are away so that the have-nots can enjoy the luxuries of the haves. Starring Kerry Walker (THE PIANO) and Noah Taylor (FLIRTING, THE YEAR MY VOICE BROKE, SHINE).The movie was a big hit on the festival circuit and won several awards. Though only 60 minutes, it ran in Independent cinemas (with a short by Jane Campion) and was screened on TV all over the world.

"Better by far is the film of Tynesider Sue Clayton, who had to go to Australia to make it.....there hasn't been such a concerted one-woman attack on business opportunism since Rosalie Goes Shopping." 
George Perry, SUNDAY TIMES

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"Wild. Wayward. Off the wall. Very, very funny. Sly.Silly. Smart. Slick. It is impossible to describe them manifold glories of this movie by Sue Clayton... The wit and humour of it all is so finely tuned that watching it is like having your feet tickled with a feather, almost unbearably delicious." 
Antonia Foster, City Limits.

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