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From 1983 onwards Sue Clayton directed and produced a number of documentaries for Channel 4, the BBC, Central Television and the Japanese broadcaster NHK. All of her films won international awards. Some are listed below.

Archival film about the origins of the Dracula myth, which in Transylvania is to do with rituals of grief and mourning

for the dead- transformed by western demonology into a tale of horror. Broadcast on Channel 4's REAR WINDOW

slot as context for Coppola's BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA. Starring Ronan Vibert.

"Revelatory programme about the origins of the Dracula myth, tracing it to Romanian folk custom...fascinating insight." TIME OUT

JAPAN DREAMING (1991, 52 min, 16mm)
Personal exploration of Japan's dreams for the 21st century, with revelatory ideas for a 'softer' more human form of

new technology, made for Central TV. Winner of the Silver Award at the Tokyo Film Festival. Broadcast on ITV in 1991.

"A fascinating documentary about Japan's hi-tech society as it dreams of a serene feminine future."
Mandy Walsh,

THEME PARK BRITONS (1989, 52 min)
An analysis of the heritage industry, for Channel Four.

"One day the NFT will run Sue Clayton retrospectives and praise her professionalism and talent".
John Lyttle,

A look at the advent of yuppie culture in the 1980's. For Channel Four.

"Directed by Sue Clayton, a lady who can spot a social trend at a hundred paces in a thick fog."
John Naughton,

TURNING JAPANESE (1987, 53 min)
An analysis of how Japanese companies moved into Sue's native north-east of England, bringing with them their culture

as a 'sweetener". How this went down with local people... Broadcast on Channel Four and screened onfestival circuit.

"Excellent, and the music is delightful"

THE COMMODITIES SERIES (1983-6, 6 x 53 min, 16mm)
A wide-ranging a prestigious series tracing the history of world trade over 500 years...showing how world history has been defined by the production and trade of some basic products- tea, coffee, sugar, oil, opium and gold. Screened on Channel Four. Generated huge public interest and a discussion forum.

"Bold and ambitious.. astonishingly revealing"
Jonathan Steele, THE GUARDIAN
"Provocative, with a breadth of vision and analysis" NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS

WOMEN ON FILM (1983, 6 x 10 min, 16mm)
Co-wrote and directed 6 introductions to womens' feature films from around the world, to give a theoretical and cultural context to the work. Screened on Channel Four.

TOO SENSITIVE TO TOUCH- Sex and Talk in the USA (1982, 60 min, 16mm)
Co-written and directed with Michael Oblowitz. A movie on language and sexuality in contemporary America. Toured the US arts and academic circuit.

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